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FAQs – ConnecTel



In ConnecTEL, we offer a comprehensive and when requested, integrated range of Telecom services through our extensive Fiber Optic and Wireless access networks to fulfill the multiple needs of our customers to their satisfaction. Our aim is to provide our customers with internet services that are of high quality but in affordable prices.

ConnecTel provides high-speed internet, phone services and Digital TV packages to small, medium and large businesses and government agencies.

We are the registered member of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

ConnecTEL is available in three telecom regions as LTR, GTR and MTR. Covered cities in three telecom regions are Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, Okara, Gujranwala, Gakhhar, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Sialkot, Daska, Sambarial, Narowal, Shakargarh and Multan. We have a wide network in Lahore covering almost all the major areas of Lahore. In order to know if our services are available at your premises, kindly call our helpline at 042 111 700 007.

Typically, it takes up to one week (5-6 working days) for our technical team to provide services at your premises. You can contact our technical department (NOC) on 042-32532222 or your dedicated account manager for follow-up in case of delay.

Our team will perform limited inside wiring for connectivity to the CPE (or any other equipment installed by ConnecTEL). If you require to place the CPE in a location that requires inside wiring, then you will be charges with additional fee. Please note that inside wiring does not include connecting the CPE (or any other equipment) to the computer or hub/switch or any Ethernet cabling to the CPE. Such wiring if required will be carried out at additional charges.

Our Network Support department (NOC) is always ready to support you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Continuous on-site and over-the-phone support is also provided during and after installation. Moreover, a dedicated account manager will work with you throughout your association with us.

Customer is responsible for the proper maintenance of his computer system(s) like installation of Anti-Virus software etc. while utilizing ConnecTel services.

You can contact our Network Support Department (NOC) anytime of the day and our technical team will try to resolve your issue first over-the-phone and if needed, by sending teams to your premises.

Yes, you can shift your services to any other location where our services are available. Contact your account manager in this regard.

You can change your service plan any time while discussing your requirements with your account manager. There will be minimal charges involved in this regard.

We strive hard to ensure the high standards of quality that you expect from us. However, in case you are not satisfied, you can contact your account manager and discuss your issue with him. If you still remain unsatisfied after discussion, we can provide you with exit options.


Fiber-to-the-User is 21st century architecture for delivering multiple services (Voice, Video and Data) to the customer premises. This technology involves laying down fiber optic cable from the carrier’s point to the customer premises.

ConnecTEL FTTU uses single-mode fiber.

Fiber to the User is deployed either using an Active or a Passive Architecture. A Passive FTTU network is also called a ‘Passive Optical Network’ or PON for short.

A Passive Optical Network avoids placing electronics (Routers, switches, line cards etc.) in the field. In an Active Optical Network, electronics (routers, switches etc.) are placed in cabinets. These cabinets need air-conditioning, power, backup power etc. Such cabinets typically serve 400 to 500 customers. ConnecTEL uses Active Optical Network.

ConnecTEL offers Triple-Play services, which means Voice, Video and Data. Internet, cable TV and telephone services are available on the FTTU.

ConnecTEL can provide up to 1 gigabit of bandwidth to the customers.


We do not have standard installation charges. They vary from customer to customer according to their bandwidth requirements.

Installation charges are non-refundable as mentioned on our Contract of Sale.

You can make payment through following methods: Online transfer, cheques and pay orders.

You will have to make the first monthly payment in advance with the installation charges at the time of installation of services. After that, our billing department will send you an invoice at the end of every month.

Our terms of services are mentioned at the back of our ‘Customer Registration’ (R) form. You can also review and download the terms from our website ‘downloads’ page.

Monthly charges cover installation of services, on-going maintenance and customer support on phone or through site visits if needed.


Our technical department is available to serve you and resolve any technical glitch, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As soon as you contact our technical department with an issue, one of our technical staff members will start working on resolving your issue and stay in contact throughout the process to update you on the progress. We promise to resolve your issue in a timely and effective manner.

Our technical and field teams are responsible for the timely installation, continuous support and on-going-maintenance. In addition, your dedicated account manager will be available whenever you need support and guidance.