Fiber to your Home.

Through our FTTH (Fiber To The Home) services, we intend to continue to remove the barriers, resulting in lower prices and a better experience for residential consumers.

ConnecTel would like to make life easier for our customers who use internet for personal needs. Currently, residential users have to make a compromise between best service (high internet speed) and outrageous charges. ConnecTel offers real value from the service we provide and by removing the barriers that frustrate them at a reasonable price.

ConnecTel Triple Play


Whether you are streaming your favorite shows, playing online games, shopping or sharing a selfie, ConnecTel’s high-speed internet experience for residential users make it easier and more reliable than ever.

Our internet package plans will be launching soon. So stay tuned!!!


At ConnecTel, our technologists and engineers are constantly working to improve our services and make a better experience for our customers. With our upgraded voice services, now our residential clients can also get an advanced, reliable and affordable telephone services.

Our voice solution plans will be coming soon.

Live HDTV (Launching Soon)

ConnecTel is proud to offer IPTV to meet all of your digital television needs. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows on your PC, tablet, smart phone or Television without any hassle. We have a wide range of LIVE channels for your entertainment.